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Troops may have been pulled out of Afghanistan but we are ALWAYS sending packages to service members deployed across the world!


Individually wrapped Cookies, Crackers, Granola Bars, Slim Jims, Beef Jerky, Protein Bars, and Peanuts.
These items can be ordered online and mailed to us cost free from: Sams Club, BJ’s, Costco, and Amazon.

Thank you for supporting our troops!

Our troops love a package from home and we need your help to make them, join us!
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Hero Clubs
Is a program we have developed a program that we believe will provide a touch of stress relief.
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Thank You Supporters

Candy Donations

Supporting Our Troops:
Operation Shoebox - Delivering Care and Gratitude

Welcome to Operation Shoebox, where we are dedicated to supporting our deployed troops with care packages filled with love, gratitude, and essential items. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to make a positive impact on the lives of service members stationed overseas.

Through our carefully curated care packages, we aim to provide a meaningful connection to home, reminding our troops that they are appreciated and not forgotten. Each package is thoughtfully packed with practical items and heartfelt letters, symbolizing the support of communities across the nation.

With a committed team of staff members and volunteers, we work tirelessly to ensure the success of our mission. Together, we strive to expand our reach, enhance the quality of our packages, and bring comfort and support to those who selflessly defend our freedom.

Join us in making a difference. Your support, whether through donations or volunteering, enables us to continue our vital work and deliver smiles to those who serve. Together, let’s show our troops that they are always in our thoughts and hearts.

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If you would like us to send to your platoon, unit, or battalion, please put the point of contact (who will be receiving the packages) and how many you would like us to send.

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Please put the point of contact (who will be receiving the packages) and how many you need!
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What We Do

It is the mission of Operation Shoebox to meet the needs of every hero with dignity and appreciation.

Thank A Vet

Greenlight a Vet is a campaign to establish visible national support for our veterans by changing one outside light to green.

Candy Donations

We are always accepting candy donations! We’re open to receiving all types of candy, whenever it’s convenient for you. Each care package we send out includes a bag of candy

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Operation Shoebox, care packages, soldiers, support, deployment, comfort, mission, gratitude, donations, impact, troop stories, military support, soldier, veteran

Care Packages for Soldiers

At Operation Shoebox, we are dedicated to bringing comfort, support, and a touch of home to our brave soldiers deployed overseas. Through our efforts, we are able to send care

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