The Villages, FL–Monday, April 29, 2013, pictures of our OSB gathering Thought we’d let folks see our busy crew!

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The Villages, FL–Monday, April 29, 2013, pictures of our OSB gathering Thought we’d let folks see our busy crew! IMG_0268-300x168 IMG_0272-300x168 IMG_0280-300x168 IMG_0287-300x168 IMG_0292-300x168 IMG_0295-300x168 IMG_0299-300x168 IMG_0323-300x168 IMG_0322-300x168 IMG_0320-300x168 IMG_0309-300x168 IMG_0303-300x168


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Candy Donations

We are always accepting candy donations! We’re open to receiving all types of candy, whenever it’s convenient for you. Each care package we send out

Operation Shoebox, care packages, soldiers, support, deployment, comfort, mission, gratitude, donations, impact, troop stories, military support, soldier, veteran

Care Packages for Soldiers

At Operation Shoebox, we are dedicated to bringing comfort, support, and a touch of home to our brave soldiers deployed overseas. Through our efforts, we

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